Questions About Cryper Bot?

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We have given comprehensive answers to the most important questions about Cryper Bot

The bot uses grid trading+DCA with StopLoss protection. New feature of Trailing stop is now in development.

Check the IM value (Initial Margin) in the Deribit page, it shows what percentage of your deposit will be used.

Trial only works with TestNet.You can also check live results on the stream and get cheapest license to test it live

Optimal recommended amount is over 0.01 BTC per bot

Currently recommended settings are set as default after installation.

Bot only able to trade via API, so Deribit Exchange security protects you from any harm. Withdrawal permission for keys should be DISABLED when you create API keys

Average profitability strongly depends on the chosen settings and market trends (bot works best on flat\slow trending market) and can reach 10-20% per day.

In general, Deribit limits the number of orders to 30, so you can make 13 PAIRS of orders (meaning 13 long + 13 short orders), +2 StopLosses (Long StopLoss + Short StopLoss) and +2 TakeProfits at maximum.

Yes, we’ve chosen Deribit and BitMEX because of speed and convenience. There is still a very comfortable maximum leverage of x100. Support for other platforms is in our plans, stay tuned!

Stoploss timer is triggered once SL is hit. Then bot sits idle until Timer expires (it is set in Stoploss Timer settings), and resumes trading again. It is useful if you need to wait out flashcrash pump or dump.

Yes, trial only works with testnet. For live trading you need to purchase a license

Deribit does not require KYC as of 2019. For the next year situation might change, due to anti-money-laundering policy being introduced in the Netherlands. In any case, users will be given official note on upcoming KYC well before it will be implemented.

The bot assumes you have enough balance to put all the orders in place. In case there would be not enough balance, StopLoss will be placed as a sum of opened positions. If you need to deposit or withdraw funds during bot trading it’s advised to stop the bot, make deposit\withdrawal and re-build order grid again, according to your new balance.

Every order, except for StopLosses, are set with Post-only, so yes, if you trade BTC, you earn 0.025% on every trade fee rebate.

Cryper Bot Take Profit is just another order, which is configured in the settings. Its size equals first grid order (in USD); after you set Take Profit step you do not need to do anything more.

Yes. In the bot there is an opportunity to test your strategy on historical data.

Bot with StopLoss usually loses only a small amount, set by your StopLoss, and resumes trading soon afterwards. It live trading it has been shown to regain the losses quite fast.

So far Deribit is proved to have very little slippage, even on big moves. It was one of the reasons to choose this exchange over many other ones. Recorder slippage was only $5-$10 on big dumps in our history.

If you need to stop Deribot completely you should use “Hard Stop” button in “Robot Control” section of your personal account page. Bot will cancel all outstanding orders, close ANY opened positions at MARKET price, and stop placing additional orders.

As of now bot only trade perpetual swap futures.

No, the bot does not do any orderbook or market analysis. It uses its own strategy.

You will need to create new SUBaccount, so that the bot will not interfere with your manual trading, and you will not interfere with his.

Be careful! If you use HARD STOP button, bot close ALL POSITIONS (PERPETUAL or FUTURES) with MARKET order!!!

No, it’s best that you use separate subaccount for manual trading. Please do NOT trade in the same subaccount that bot uses.

There is no preset number of trades. Bot does it according to his vision, configured by settings. The smaller the step - the more trades bot will typically perform. Check “Scalper” settings in the chat\stream if you like your bot to perform more trades.

Bot will work in a single direction only, if this option is set. Order grid would be set only for Long or Short direction. This is useful if you are sure where trend is going.

Bot will do “Soft Stop” exit and stop placing new orders after that.

This will mess with Cryper Bot logic, and change its position\order size. Please do not do that. Also keep in mind that Hard Stop will cancel ALL orders and positions, including manual ones. Please make separate subaccount for the bot.