Detailed bot usage guide

Registration on Deribit Exchange

Go to Deribit Exchange(open in new window) and click Create Account ( TestNet )

Next, in the window that appears, fill out all the necessary data: your email address, desired nickname, password, password confirmation, your country, check the box Accept agreement and click the Submit button.

After that, an notification about creating an account should come to the email.

Further, after entering your exchange account, to trade you need to replenish the balance. To do this, click on the button on which your nickname is written in the upper right corner, then in the expanding menu click on the Deposit button.

In the window that opens, click on the Get New Deposit Adress button, get your wallet address (reflected to the right of this button) and replenish the BTC balance to this address.

For the bot to work, you need to create an API key. To do this, go to the API tab in the personal account of the exchange and click the Add a new key button.

In the window that opens, you must set the following permissions for the key: account-read, block trade-read, trade-read_write, wallet-read. Then press the button Add a new key. These permissions allow the bot ONLY to TRADE and will not allow the withdrawal of funds from your wallet.

Next, the key (Access Key) and the secret key (Access Secret) will be obtained, which will need to be entered in the bot settings. When you have the key, you can proceed to configure the robot

Setup Cryper Bot Settings

Go to the Control Panel tab (API-keys), and setup server and your keys. Attention: API keys for test and real service is different!

Use Start Robot button to start robot with default settings.

Also you can customise robot settings as you wish. You can also adjust the parameters of the robot as you want.

Install Bot

Create domain or subdomain on the server for bot

Copy files in sites directory (domain, subdomain)

Create new database

Set permission 0777 on files config.php and

Open bot in browser and run install

Add crontab command
* * * * * /___full_path___/

If you are installing multiple bots on one server, then change the file name to a unique (also change crontab command)